Foster Hospitality Group’s legacy of caring began with the vision and passion of its founder, Bill R. Foster, over 60 years ago.


After a visit with an elderly friend, founder Bill R. Foster left dismayed by the apparent shortage of adequate care and housing for the elderly. This inspired him to open his first nursing home in Springfield, Missouri in 1955 at the age of 28.

However, Bill’s entrepreneurship and desire to benefit others started many years before. At the young age of ten, he began delivering newspapers. Not satisfied with just one route, he added more and employed other neighborhood boys to assist him. Their pay? Chocolate milk and doughnuts! Bill continued his routes into his teen years.


After graduating from high school and attending Missouri State University, Bill joined the merchant marines. After completing his term, he returned to Springfield where he opened Foster’s Help Yourself Laundry. There, his dedication to provide caring customer service became apparent. Bill installed an air tube that rang a bell whenever a car pulled in so he could immediately rush out and carry in the laundry. In his words, “I helped them out whatever way I could – carried all their clothes in, carried them out wet, whatever I could to get the job done.” Customers found doing laundry to be less of a chore and more so a visit with a friend.

Bill operated the laundromat for several years. It was during this time his visit to an elderly friend instigated a career change that would become his life’s passion. It was evident to Bill that the gentleman needed more care than his family was able to provide. However, this was long before the assisted and skilled living care facilities we know today were in existence. Bill was determined to create a place for the elderly that provided not only quality care, but a home-like environment based on respect and dignity. He purchased a former boarding house which became Foster Convalescent Home in 1955.


Bill continued to operate the nursing home, along with a real estate business into the 1970’s. After numerous years of operations, he realized the best way to provide exceptional facilities, service and care was to act as his own general contractor, allowing him to be personally involved in every detail. Since the 1970’s, the Foster Group has built over 20 facilities and continues to add more.

Believing in the value of a family business, Bill involved several of his children, acting as a role model and mentor. Long after his children learned the business, Bill’s passion for the industry and work ethic continued to bring him to the office every day. Up until his death at 86 years old, he was still actively involved in all operations. His wife, Juanitha, continues to assist in daily office processes.

Son and daughter, Tony Foster and Kaye Foster-Gibson are now the principal executives for Foster Hospitality Group adhering to Bill Foster’s high standards and continuing what he began decades ago – A Legacy of Caring.



Seen as a pioneer in Missouri’s long-term care industry, Bill was also an active humanitarian, supporting health care, education and the arts, as well as serving on numerous foundations. His many contributions and awards include:

Chairman – Springfield Council of Churches

Chairman – Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging

Board Member – Cox Health Foundation

Board Member – Missouri State University Foundation

2006 Missouri Heart Association Missourian of the Year

2011 Ozark’s Region Philanthropist of the Year

2014 Springfield Business Journal Lifetime Achievement Award

2009 Chamber of Commerce Springfieldian of the Year

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